Caribbean Riddle

Caribbean Riddle 2.5

Caribbean Riddle is a fantastic puzzle game with a beautiful background story
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Caribbean Riddle is a fantastic puzzle game with a beautiful background story. A girl from a noble family, fell in love with a poor journeyman. When her rich father learned his daughter was dating this man, he refused to accept the relationship, as he was poor. It was then that the journeyman decides to set sail for the Caribbean sea to find treasures and gain the noble man respect. Your mission is to help this man in his treasure hunt along the beautiful and dangerous Caribbean sea.
Caribbean Riddle is fabulous, and playing it is very easy. What you have to do is help this journeyman to collect as many elements as possible.
By clicking with the mouse, you have to move the adjacent pieces and form a line of three or more matching items to clean the board before the time bar runs out. As you do so, lots of bonuses and power-ups will appear, helping you clean the grid more quickly. Among these bonus items there is a crab, that when moved to another line, will clean it completely. Another great bonus is a snowflake that freezes the timebar for a couple of seconds giving you a great advantage.
Apart from being entertaining and fun, Caribbean Riddle is marvelously designed, its 3D graphics are stunning. While you are playing, the background shows the Caribbean sea, full of beautiful images of the sea bottom, with colored fishes, exotic sea creatures, corals and algae bushes. What is more, the music, a flamenco-like style, and sound effects are really wonderful.
Caribbean Riddle is suitable for all ages, and is absolutely recommended.

Review summary


  • fun
  • beautiful graphics and music
  • suitable for all ages


  • mouse response is a bit slow
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